Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Picture of Otto Schwarz

Otto Schwarz

Update on Otto Schwarz

Otto and Trudy send their love and thanks for prayers - - - -
Otto is still in the hospital. His surgery went well. The doctor thinks that he found and removed some tissue that may have been giving Otto problems. But Otto has been in bed now for 4-5 days and therefore, is somewhat weak.. When he is released from the hospital later in the week, he will probably go to a rehab facility in order to rebuild his strength and walking ability.

His wife Trudy said that Otto is somewhat disoriented. You can imagine how difficult it is being blind and in a room where nothing is in a familiar spot. We need to pray for a speedy recovery for Otto so that he can get back home where he remembers the placement of the furniture and feels that he can see because he knows the lay-out of the house. Also pray for Trudy's continued good health. She leaves early every morning to go to the hospital and returns late in the day.

Their son, John, is with them now, but he will have to soon leave to go back to work and will update us later in the week on Otto and Trudy.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Otto Schwarz

Otto Schwarz is scheduled to have a cystoscope on June 17th to check for possible internal bleeding (kidneys, bladder, prostate). Continue to keep him in your prayers also.

George "Corkie" Stoddard

George Stoddard was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. The doctors are developing his treatment regimen now. Please remember to pray for him.

George sends his love and greetings to all the crew and wishes everyone a safe and happy summer.

Gene Wilkinson

Gene Wilkinson was diagnosed with a fractured vertabra (about June 3rd) and his son said he is/was to have surgery soon. Keep him in your prayers.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Does anyone recognize this coin? It was dug out of the trash can at Hintok River Camp by Rod Beattie a few years ago. He says that there is a strong possibility that the coin was owned by one of a very small number of Americans in the "H" Force. If anyone has any information on it, please email Rod at rbeattie@access.inet.co.th .

Scholarship applications being accepted now

Now Hear This!
All college-bound seniors, all college undergraduates, and all relatives and friends of these seniors and undergrads who have an interest in the USS Houston CA-30: If you would like financial assistance with those overwhelming college bills, the USS Houston Scholarship Committee has good news for you. Requests for scholarship applications from those planning to attend college in the fall of 2006 are now being accepted. Only actual college students--or those anticipating being students--may request an application. The 2006 scholarship requirements are that the student request a form by October 15, 2005, and submit an application along with an essay on one of three topics listed in the application packet by Nov. 1, 2005. Full details and requirements are in the packet, which may be requested by contacting Ron Drees, 14219 Wickersham Lane, Houston, TX 77077 or ron.ca30@sbcglobal.net .No telephone requests, please. Those of you who know potential or current college students should encourage them to request an application. Requests must include a return physical mailing address.

Another library case at the University of Houston which will house the Houston special collection.

Library display case at University of Houston where Houston special collections will be housed.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Link to Prime Minister of Japan

Heres a link where you can write the Prime Minister of Japan.


New York Times article

A note from Val Poss on 5/21/05
Hello friends and family,
I opened my mail today and found an article from the NY Times dated 5/3/05 (Late Edition-Final, Section A, Column 2, Page 13) titled JAPAN: APOLOGY FOR DUTCH P.O.W.'S
While pleased that the Dutch finally received an apology from the Japanese Prime Minister, I'm still wondering when the Americans, Brits and Aussies we all have come to know will receive THEIR apology. Soooooo, I emailed the NY Times and told them of our men that were POW's in Far East that have NOT received an apology. Now, it's up to YOU to email them with the same question. Send to editorial@NYTimes.com