Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Scholarship applications being accepted now

Now Hear This!
All college-bound seniors, all college undergraduates, and all relatives and friends of these seniors and undergrads who have an interest in the USS Houston CA-30: If you would like financial assistance with those overwhelming college bills, the USS Houston Scholarship Committee has good news for you. Requests for scholarship applications from those planning to attend college in the fall of 2006 are now being accepted. Only actual college students--or those anticipating being students--may request an application. The 2006 scholarship requirements are that the student request a form by October 15, 2005, and submit an application along with an essay on one of three topics listed in the application packet by Nov. 1, 2005. Full details and requirements are in the packet, which may be requested by contacting Ron Drees, 14219 Wickersham Lane, Houston, TX 77077 or ron.ca30@sbcglobal.net .No telephone requests, please. Those of you who know potential or current college students should encourage them to request an application. Requests must include a return physical mailing address.

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