Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dive Notes from Jerry Ranger

You can read about Jerry Ranger's exciting experiences diving on the USS Houston in 2004 at:
2004 Dive on USS Houston - Notes by Jerry Ranger.
Jerry is the son of USS Houston survivor John W. Ranger.

Here is an excerpt from Jerry's notes:
"As I hung on to the anchor line and looked around at the island, I was wondering what the survivors where thinking as they swam toward it. I pulled myself together and took a breath off my regulator and started down to the USS Houston. We had to go down 60 feet to the edge of the ship. I started to see the edge and the hull around 40 feet from the surface. Then we stopped at the anchor line. We were around the aft mast area. Brad started to look for a good spot to tie up at. I just floated there thinking to myself. three years in the making, 36 hours to get to Jakarta, 4 hours to drive to Brad’s house, two hours drive to the village, 45 minute boat ride out to the USS Houston and now I’m touching the USS Houston. Then I took a few minutes to remember the Officers, Sailors and Marines that did not come back. I said to myself: fair winds and following sea's.”


old bills said...

Good day Jo Klenk. Can I get any information about old bills on Dive Notes from Jerry Ranger? Hopefully before the day is gone I can get somemore details about My friend told me I should look here but it does not seem to be a perfect match for what I need to know. I'm new to blogging but enjoy it. Take care and wish me luck.

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