Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Scholarship Recipient Katy Fort - doing well!

Katy Fort was the USS Houston scholarship recipient last year. Her Mom, Mary, writes that Katy has had a very successful first semester at Florida State University earning a 3.9 grade point average while taking honors chemistry, honors chemistry lab, an honors colloquium, pre-calculus algebra, and Spanish. In addition to her studies this semester, she coaches an 8-and-under soccer team, participates in Wesley foundation activities, and teaches a preschool Sunday School class.

Mary says, "Thank you for helping give her the opportunity for a quality education at a good school. We were so proud for her to be selected to receive the USS Houston scholarship last year. I know her grandpa would be so proud too."

Congratulations, Katy! Keep up the good work.


Buzz Creek said...

Nice to see Florida State getting a good student on campus. My wife attended FSU for a semester, but funding was short and she finished at U. West Florida in Pensacola. My Aunt attended FSU in the 40's (during the war) when it was still Fl. State School for Women. Actually my Grandmother went there about 1910 to get a teaching certificate (about equivalent of a HS dipoloma). I'd like to see that Katy gets a copy of the film (soon DVD) about the Houston and maybe she can share it with the FSU library collection of WWII histories of Floridians. From my home area of Pensacola, John Ranger was a post-war, long time resident.
ME? I am also a UWF alumnus, AND .. did post-grad degree at UF. Let me know where to send Katy some DVDs.

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