Wednesday, March 29, 2006

DVD - Last Stand of USS Houston

The DVD label encourages viewers to take a copy of the DVD (or buy one extra) to your local PUBLIC ACCESS TV STATION. Public Access is NOT the same as PUBLIC TELEVISION. Public Access or "Community Access" TV stations are usually small channels dedicated to serve a town or county with local productions and features and features that are requested by their viewers. You can find a list of COMMUNITY ACCESS and Educational TV Stations at THIS LINK. The DVD is in two parts and includes extras of footage from reunions as well as the two songs by Dave Peters and Terry Keith ("Standing on The Houston" and "It's Good To Be Home"). Please get a copy to your local Community Access or ETV station soon. There is no charge to air it. Buzz Creek does request a courtesy email to let us know it is being shown. Some Community Access TV stations have excellent digital networks to other stations and can share the video with other stations without you having to track them down and put a copy in their hands! Here are more Links to Public Access Stations or how to find them: New Jersey JAG. You might also 'google' for "public access tv stations - (your state)".