Saturday, June 03, 2006

A visit with Otto - Memorial Weekend

Here is a description of my last visit with Otto. He's miserable.


Buzz Creek said...

Dear Houston family,
I'm sending this out to those I think will respond. Max & I called Otto yesterday around 6pm Eastern time. It could be that he had a long day & was tired but he sounded really bad. His words were so slurred I could barely understand him --- as if he's had a stroke. I know he's had a couple of mini strokes in the past but our call yesterday alarmed me. He was so pleased to get a call & as usual didn't complain. Of course, we didn't ask "How 'ya doin'?". Folks, it looks like our Otto is fading away. His days consist of darkness & his room mate blaring the TV. You realize how maddening that must be for someone blind since their hearing is sharper than most. He's too weak to get around & has a nurse with him
24-7. Other than his family, his life has been this organization. PLEASE, don't put off calling him. He is so glad when he gets a call to break the monotony of his day.

A while back when I called, he commented that he never gets any mail or calls anymore since he passed the baton to me. I tried to joke around it saying that he was such an excellent teacher. Folks --- don't let him think he's forgotten. He's held this organization together for decades. Otto is the heart & brains, I'm just the gofer.

Please realize that if you call (instead of sending a card/letter) that you'll need to keep the conversation short. John reported that when he visits and reads to him, that Otto can't concentrate for more than 10 pages & a conversation wears him out.

PLEASE, let this man know how much he's appreciated,respected and admired!


Otto Schwarz
VA Medical Center
Sectn 2C - Room 148-2
151 Knollcroft Rd
Lyons, NJ 07939
908 647-0180 (when you get the recorded message press 1 + 6840)

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