Monday, August 07, 2006

Jerry Ranger Diving on USS Houston

Jerry Ranger, son of USS Houston crew member John Ranger, has arrived in Jakarta where he and several other dive team members are preparing to dive on the USS Houston. The dive team will be anchored in a boat over the Houston for 8 days. They expect to remotely photograph some of the inside of the ship using a special piece of equipment called a "VideoRay" as well as film the outside of the ship using an underwater video camera.

"These pictures will be shown at the next (USS Houston) reunion in Houston, Texas," Ranger said. "This trip is for the remaining 39 survivors and to save some World War II history of the USS Houston."

See the following website for more on this story.

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Austin Jones, Jr. said...

My uncle Leslie T. Hurrell was killed on the Houston. He was in the aviation V division and last seen on the hanger deck building a raft to get the wounded off the ship during the battle. He ran into the port side hanger to get some rope when a shell hit the hangar area.

My mother did not know his fate until 1946 when he was declared dead and we did not find the details of his death until 1981 when we found a witness Jack Fowler. We would give anything to see those dive pictures especially of the hangar deck area. My mother just turned 84 and they were very close.

Please keep my address and if it is ever possible we would like to see the pictures.

Austin Joness, Jr.
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