Monday, August 28, 2006

Ship of Ghosts Due out October 31

A notice of the new book by Jim Hornfishcer is shown here. (Ship of Ghosts) Read the review in Publisher's Weekly. Otto Schwarz was able to have much of the proofed book read to him in his last days. He was very complimentary of the writing and the detail presented. Another book about the Asiatic Fleet was also recently published. It is titled "Playing for Time" and is written Capt. Wicke Alford who served in the 4 Piper - the Stewart. His narrative encompasses every ship in the Asiatic Fleet as best I can tell. I can heartily recommend both of these books to those who wish to understand the history of those challenging times.

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding work...a really great book! 1930... my dad was a 1st class wireless radio operator on USS Houston and light heavy boxing champion of the Asiatic Fleet for a few years. He retired from the Navy after teaching radio at Bainbridge...He passed away in 82..