Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Otto Schwarz in Good Company

Arlington Cemetery, September 11, 2006: The funeral of Otto Schwarz. As other events focused the nation on remembrance of this date, 5 years ago, The USS Houston Family focused on the life of Otto Schwarz, founder of the USS Houston Survivor's Association. Many attended. The evening prior was enjoyed with a dinner and remembrance of Otto. An audio recording of most of the remembrances will be posted on the website later, along with a short video of the Arlington ceremony. The photo here and many more are available for comment and download on the me3tv account at Flickr.com. Others with photos from this celebratory gathering to honor Otto, are encouraged to upload their photos to share if they wish.


Anonymous said...

On behalf of my family, I would like thank all that attended the tribute dinner and military funeral for my uncle Otto C. Schwarz at Arlington National Cemetary on September 11, 2006. It was my distinct honor to have met Howard Brooks, David Flynn, Frank (Ned) Galagher, William Ingram and Harry Kelley, five amazing survivors of the U.S.S Houston. These brave men paid the highest compliment to my uncle by standing watch as his casket was carried to it's final resting place. I would also like to thank Dave Kenny of the US Navy for all of his hard work in getting my uncle placed close to the memorial tree that was planted in memory of the U.S.S Houston and the Australian Perth. He was also instrumental in getting Otto close to his shipmate Joe Gance. My aunt will be forever grateful for this act of kindness. The Next Generation showed up in great numbers as well. It was a pleasure to have finally met them. What a wonderful group of people. Again, my family is eternally grateful to all for the kindness and respect shown to my uncle.

God bless you all.

Barbara Walls (Niece of CBM Otto Carl Schwarz, U.S.S Houston survivor)

Anonymous said...

As Otto's second son, I must attempt to express the immense gratitude to all of those who paid tribute to my beloved father, through attendance at the gathering and burial over the week-end leading to 09/11, or thorough the many comments/cards/messages. I lost a wonderful Dad, we all lost a devoted, true American heroe as are all of his shipmates.
God Bless all of you, Otto rests in ultimate peace, I have no doubht.
John Keith Schwarz

Anonymous said...

To the family of the late Mr. Schwarz, take solice in knowing that he was an American hero.

I had the great privilege of meeting Mr. Schwarz at a Lost Battalion/U.S.S. Houston reunion convention in Dallas years ago.
Meeting Mr. Schwarz was, in a word, an honor.
God bless them all.

Noel Harrelson (son of First Sgt. M.T. Harrelson, Svc. battery, 2/131st)