Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Last Man Out - Updated Paperback

In addition to "Ship of Ghosts," there is another recently printed USS HOUSTON-related book available in bookstores these days, with which Jim Hornfischer has been (quietly) involved, called "Last Man Out," written by my father, Howard Robert (Bob) Charles. This is a new, updated paperback version, which features a new (and excellent) Forward by Mr. Hornfischer, as well as several photographs that did not appear in the original 1988 hardcover edition.
"Last Man Out" describes Dr. Hekking's heroic efforts to save allied prisoners of war during the miserable months of POW captivity on the Burma-Thailand Railway construction project. A Dutch army medical officer, Hekking was captured on Java by Japanese forces in 1942 and eventually found himself in POW labor camps along the Burma-Thailand Railway, caring for USS HOUSTON and Lost Battalion survivors. The Americans who were in the camps with Dr. Hekking, including my father, always considered themselves to be extremely lucky. This book explains why that was so true. -- Dana

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