Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Leslie Hurrell - KIA Sunda Strait

Attached are two photographs taken at Mountain View Cemetery in Danville, Virginia. This cemetery is around the corner from Obie's childhood home. We were walking in the cemetery one day and decided to stop and read all of the markers in the WWII Memorial section. Much to our surprise, we found a marker for a USS Houston sailor who is still standing watch in Sunda Strait. Obie played there often as a child never suspecting, of course, that some 50 years later he would learn the history of one of those markers and that it would have so much meaning to us (and the USS Houston family). Here is a link to the location on a map . We have not yet had any success locating any of Leslie Hurrell's family members. Leslie Hurrell, you are remembered. Submitted by: Judy Bunch and Obie Roach.


Anonymous said...

Leslie Hurrell is my uncle and we had that marker put in the cemetary at the vets memorial.
Judy Bunch who took that picture just e-mailed me and told me about this posting. She asked me to send a picture to Shawn's project at and I did visit the site. I clicked on the first picture of the crews pictures and the very 1st picture were three airmen and the picture is labeled :Albert-Harrell-Harris. I have seen that picture before, I think my uncle had it in his papers, and it is Hurrell and not Harrell. There were two Harrells on the crew list. It looks like Lesslie Hurrell and he was in the aviation division.

Bobby said...

I emailed a picture of Leslie Hurrell to the website email address, but I haven't heard back from anyone. He's my great aunt's brother.