Sunday, March 16, 2008

Notes from the DIVES

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Ranger's Blog 2008 Dive
Rangers Web for USS Houston

From: William Deertz []
Jerry, saw your write up on your recent dive trip to the USS Houston. Wish I had known a group of you were coming as I would have liked to join the expedition. I am a US expat and have been living in Jakarta for the past 11 years. A group of us dove the USS Houston on the 60th anniversary of the sinking. You can see a few photos and a short video I put together from this trip at this link As you’ll know from diving it the visibility is poor so in the video its often difficult to make out where you are at. I would have liked to get more wide angle from outside the wreck but the poor visibility makes this difficult.
Here is a 2007 PHOTO Album from another earlier Ranger Dive.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Raymond Davis - 2008 Scholarship Winner

The 2008 scholarship winner was announced at the recent reunion. He is - drumroll please! - Raymond Davis. Ray is a freshman at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, majoring in Communications with a concentration in Video Production and Screen Writing.

His winning essay addressed the topic "What Does the Memory of the Crew of the USS Houston (CA-30) Mean to Me?" in which he wrote about his great uncle Lt. George E. Davis, Jr. USN, a 1935 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, who served on the USS Houston from May 1938 until
February 4, 1942. On that day, Lt. Davis was in command of a gun turret when it was struck by Japanese bombers in the Flores Sea battle and was killed. The U.S.S. George E. Davis (DE-357) destroyer escort was later named for Lt. Davis.

Ray writes that several family members say that Ray bears an uncanny resemblance to his great uncle George (see picture above right). They do look a lot alike, don't you think?

We extend our hearty congratulations and well wishes for the future to Ray.