Saturday, March 08, 2008

Raymond Davis - 2008 Scholarship Winner

The 2008 scholarship winner was announced at the recent reunion. He is - drumroll please! - Raymond Davis. Ray is a freshman at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, majoring in Communications with a concentration in Video Production and Screen Writing.

His winning essay addressed the topic "What Does the Memory of the Crew of the USS Houston (CA-30) Mean to Me?" in which he wrote about his great uncle Lt. George E. Davis, Jr. USN, a 1935 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, who served on the USS Houston from May 1938 until
February 4, 1942. On that day, Lt. Davis was in command of a gun turret when it was struck by Japanese bombers in the Flores Sea battle and was killed. The U.S.S. George E. Davis (DE-357) destroyer escort was later named for Lt. Davis.

Ray writes that several family members say that Ray bears an uncanny resemblance to his great uncle George (see picture above right). They do look a lot alike, don't you think?

We extend our hearty congratulations and well wishes for the future to Ray.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I was looking at the USS Houston web sight today, Feb.28,2010 since she went down early in the morning 68 years ago.

My comment may sound strange but the pics of Raymond and his great uncle are amazing. You might get a reading from a phychic medium. I hope this doesn't interfer with your religious views.

I had a reading back in 2006 and was told that I carry a strong vibration that I died in WWII in my last life. He said that I was on the Mississippi something or another. I enlisted in Arkansas, so I asked how I died, he said from an exposion. My body was partially burned and I drowned in the water. I asked about my name.

He let me know who I was so I went online to find out a few things. I was amazed! To make this short,I was on the USS Mississippi bb-41 battleship and requested a transfer to the USS Houston because I wanted to see that part of the world.

I found a picture of who I was and I look so much like he did at the same age. Hair color is different but the facial features are the same. We are not from the same family, but I checked out his life from what I found available. I e-mail his younger brother who is still alive,he is 84 y.o. I will not mention who I was, he might think I'm crazy. lol So after he passes, he will really be surprised!

Too many things line up about him and I. I've had a few other readings with other real mediums. And they mentioned dead people that I had known, and mentioned an older woman who doesn't say anything. So I finally asked her to please speak up and she did. She told me her name,then I knew she was my mother in my last life. She knows me very well as she obviously keeps tabs on me from her comments.

Well, I hope you find this message Raymond. If you go see a medium, don't mention George, let the medium do it. Good Luck!!!

Dave at