Saturday, December 26, 2009

In Australia - a POW Fraud Exposed

An interesting story of a man who "played" the system.  A shameful act that insults the actual history of REAL POW's in SE Asia in WWII.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

H. Robert Charles - Funeral.

Howard Robert "Bob" Charles
US Marine Survivor

Sunday December 6, 2009
3:00 PM
Rest Haven Funeral Home - Rockwall Chapel
2500 State Hwy. 66 East
Rockwall, TX   75087

Dr. Stan Scott officiating.
Entombment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park.

For a map showing the location of Rest Haven Funeral Home,
please go to the Rest Haven website:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Houston Community Newspapers

Rare Texas artifacts to be unveiled Nov. 5
USS Houston (CL-81)  Flag and more.  While not CA30 - the history is there for all.  Some factual errors in the story but a good effort.

More News:
Note the new newsreel from 1934 in the Asiatic Fleet Blog:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Historical Review of Cruiser Characteristics

Historical Review of Cruiser Characteristics,
Roles and Missions
An interesting website that features the roll and missions of cruisers such as the USS Houston. IN this article you might learn more about why the "Treaty Class" was developed and how they were configured to fight.

Monday, September 07, 2009

The Treaty Cruisers:

The Treaty Cruisers: A Warship Review
An interesting review of these cruisers of which USS Houston was one.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Arlington and the Asiatic Fleet

Phil Gans and John Schwarz place flowers for Irma and John Stefanek at Arlington. Many more photos and explanations are at the Picture link for the USNAF Reunion (Asiatic Fleet) Photos at . There was a trip to Mt. Vernon and to the USMC Museum as well as Arlington and the Navy Memorial - featuring the Asiatic Fleet Room. Some of the album entries are short videos - worth a watch !

You should be able to view the asiatic fleet site as a casual visitor but if you take a username and password you will get updates when information is added to the site. (It is a new means for the Asiatic membership to work together more closely using the web).

Below is a part of John's note (edited) to Val:

I got the subtle message across that there is so much that can get done when enough Next Generationers get involved and step up and get busy. That was my subliminal message . It was nice to see how much we are doing with the Next Generations.

We had a fabulous experience at Arlington National Cemetery on Sunday; saw and placed flowers on no less than three CA-30 gravestones- Schwarz, Gans, Stefanek, Batchelor. With me was Trudy, Vic Campbell and Karen, and Phil gans with daughter Katrina. We also saw our marker, the Cruiser Sailors marker, the collombarium, 9/11 Pentagon Memorial and then the new section with the young people from Operation Iraq Freedom. There, we met a father who has lost his son who had a truck dedicated to this young man. It was dressed with all sorts of memorial elements that were worked on by body shops, etc. This was so touching I cannot even describe. He was from New Jersey, William Koch Jr., representing the 'Service Center' which is dedicated to soldiers, families and Veterans of the armed forces. He made up for hundreds of other nimcumpoops that are out there in this world, what as inspiring man to meet. This is on the heels of Vic's proclamation that the other set of heroes out there today are the parents of these kids that we are losing to war. What a day at Arklington. Vic chronicled this whole week-end pictorially.
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Alex James - 2009 Scholarship Winner

Alex James is the winner of the 2009 USS Houston scholarship. He is the great-nephew of the late John Stefanek, a USS Houston crewmember who survived the ship's sinking and subsequent imprisonment. Alex attends Syracuse University and his home is in Mogadore, Ohio. He is an Eagle Scout, maintains excellent grades, and is actively involved in sports and other extra-curricular activities. Congratulations to you, Alex!

US Naval Academy Foundation Scholarship Established!

At the March 2009 reunion, John Schwarz, chairman of the Scholarship Committee of the USS Houston Survivors Association and Next Generations, announced the establishment of an endowed permanent scholarship with the US Naval Academy Foundation. The name of the scholarship is the "USS Houston CA-30 Memorial Scholarship" which will help to perpetuate the memory of the ship and its crew. The Association has worked toward the goal of establishing a permanent scholarship for many years and is very gratified to see it come to fruition. The scholarship will be given biennially to a deserving high school graduate who plans to attend the Academy the following year.

An official ceremony took place at the USNA Foundation in Annapolis, MD, on December 15, 2008, at which Howard Brooks, a USS Houston survivor, presented a check to Captain Ed Wallace. Others present for the occasion were John and Trudy Schwarz (son and wife respectively of the late crewmember Otto Schwarz) and Sylvia Brooks (wife of Howard).

In addition to the permanent scholarship, the Association will continue to offer its own annual scholarship.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Ambushed Under The Southern Cross .. New book by George Duffy. The story is intertwined with the USS Houston and the Asiatic Fleet.