Thursday, November 11, 2010

USS Houston CA-30 Survivors Association

and the Next Generations

11 November 2010

Veterans Day

Dear USS HOUSTON (CA-30) Family and Friends,

Beginning with our Survivors and including all of those in our CA-30 family who have served our great country in our Armed Forces, we wish you all a wonderful Veterans Day.

Our thoughts go out this Veterans Day to the crewmen of USS HOUSTON (CA-30) "still standing watch over the Sunda Strait."

Our thoughts go out as well to the courageous crewmen of America's light cruiser which carried USS HOUSTON'S name back into the Pacific War - USS HOUSTON (CL-81) and the brave crewmen of America's powerful submarine which currently bears the name USS HOUSTON (SSN-713),

We honor you American servicemen of the past and present with our huge "Thank You".


the Board of Managers

John Schwarz, Executive Director

Sue Kreutzer, President

Pam Foster, Vice-President & Treasurer

Jo Klenk, Secretary

Jane Matthews, Chair of Scholarship Committee

R. Dana Charles, Researcher and Correspondent

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