Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Our Day of Infamy

Today marks the 69th anniversary of the sinking of the USS Houston - a sad day in history. Although the crewmen fought valiantly, the odds were against them. Many men went down with the ship or were lost in the ocean. Those who survived began a tortuous three and a half years as prisoners of war of the Japanese.

Today we remember those from the USS Houston who have served our country so well - both those who have passed on and the seventeen survivors who still grace us with their presence. No words can suffice, but we send a heartfelt "thank you, men!"

We also remember those of the HMAS Perth, the Australian ship which fought alongside the USS Houston. Both crews gave their all in battle and in captivity developed bonds that continue to this day. We salute you men from the Perth as well and give you our sincere thanks.

We welcome anyone who would like to join us for our official remembrance of this day at a Memorial Service on Saturday, March 5th, at Sam Houston Park in downtown Houston. For more details about the reunion weekend or the service, see the USS Houston website or email contact@usshouston.org.

The Next Generations

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