Tuesday, November 13, 2012

USS Houston CA-30 Model in Washington, D.C.

USS Houston CA-30 Model in 
National Museum of the US Navy (Washington, D.C.)

It has been almost a year now since USS Houston CA-30 Survivors David C. FLYNN, Howard BROOKS, and Bill INGRAM, as well as former crewman Ray KESTER were among the over 80 people who gathered at the National Museum of the US Navy in Washington, DC to celebrate the installation there of this magnificent 14-foot-long scale model of USS Houston CA-30. After a special ceremony, attendees applauded as mounted lights blinked on inside the new case for the first time in public, illuminating the beautifully restored 1929 model of USS Houston CA-30 by renowned model builder Horace E. Boucher.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans' Day Thanks


Dear Veterans - and especially the survivors of the USS Houston CA-30,

Thank you for your selfless and courageous service to our country. We respect, appreciate, and honor you today as we celebrate Veteran's Day 2012. Let us never forget or take for granted all you have done. 

                    A grateful nation
                     and especially
        USS Houston CA-30 Next Generations